TeamSync Bookmarks

The easiest way to manage and share bookmarks within companies, departments, and teams

What you can do with TeamSync Bookmarks

TeamSync Bookmarks makes sharing bookmarks, online resources, and other tools easy by syncing bookmarks across computers and mobile devices in real-time. We use secure, cloud-based technology to ensure that your team members have access to all bookmarks anytime and anywhere

Connect your group

Create a group and connect them to information contained in a shared browser bookmark folder

Update your shared folder

Add, edit, and delete bookmarks and users in the shared bookmark folder as your group's needs change

Organize your bookmarks

Personalize the shared folder and provide easy access to your group's most used links. Customize how you view your information

Designed for quick and easy adoption

TeamSync Bookmarks integrates directly into your Chrome or Firefox browser for quick, easy access to your group's most used and most important links

  • No more navigating off-page to access group links

  • Continue to use bookmarks the same way as usual

  • Our iPhone app makes it easy to access group links on-the-go

Sharing bookmarks

How most companies use
TeamSync Bookmarks

From Fortune 50 companies to startups, our customers use TeamSync Bookmarks in a variety of ways. Here are the most popular

  • Distribute important resources and knowledge

  • Standardize collateral and reference documentation

  • Enhance IT DEVOPS efficiency

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TeamSync Bookmark's Top Features

Link your TeamSync Bookmarks groups to Slack

Real-time Bookmark Sharing
User-level Management
Bookmark Add Notifications
Bookmark Add Log
30 Day Cloud Backups
Store Thousands of Bookmarks
Slack Integration
Email Support

Purchase Through a Managed Service Provider

Sharing bookmarks
For our largest customers, we partner with MSPs to deliver world class deployment and application support

Why use an MSP?

Additional discounts
Local support
Simplified procurement
Personalized onboarding

Start sharing bookmarks with your teammates

Download the browser extension today and get started. We offer free groups and a 7 day free trial for advanced features.