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TeamSync Bookmarks makes sharing bookmarks, online resources, and other tools easy by syncing bookmarks across computers in real-time. We use secure, cloud-based technology to ensure that your team members have access to all bookmarks anytime and anywhere.

Create a Folder

Managers need to ensure their team has access to the most relevant files and apps in the cloud. Create a TeamSync folder and invite your teammates that need the information.


Add Links

Add the links to your files and cloud apps to a TeamSync folder so your team can access the same information faster.



When you add new files and apps over time, TeamSync syncs the folder to ensure all teammates have the most current information.

Who's Using TeamSync Bookmarks

"I love TeamSync because I can make frequent changes and adjustments without disrupting my reps and colleagues." Lisa H. of Health Media Network

How an Inside Sales Manager uses TeamSync Bookmarks to improve Healthcare outcomes

IT Operations and Support

Organize your wiki with TeamSync so everyone has faster access to the most relevant information

Wikis have years of knowledge in them. Unfortunately, it makes it hard for people to find things. Create a TeamSync folder to provide fast access to frequently viewed information.

Sales and Marketing

Ensure that your sales team has the newest marketing content to help you close more deals

When marketing pushes new content, it often gets lost in an SDR’s inbox of leads. Sales managers can create a TeamSync folder to ensure SDRs and AEs have the newest content to close more rev.

Hiring Managers and HR

Make onboarding new hires easier by placing HR resources in one folder to reference in the future

It feels like drinking from a firehose for new hires joining a team. Provide them a TeamSync folder of HR resources they can reference in the future so they can immediately create value.


Iterate more efficiently by ensuring that your team has the most recent feedback, stories, and repositories

Slack is great for instant communication, but many URLs get lost or forgotten in multiple threads. Use TeamSync Bookmarks as your consistent repo for important URLs.

Creative Agencies

Provide your clients and creative team a dedicated folder to easily access their project

Business owners depend on you to develop something very personal for them; their brand. Creating a TeamSync folder fosters transparency in the process helping earn their trust.

Graduate Students

Organize the documents, case studies, and URLs your team will use for your capstone project.

Information can easily be spread across group texts, Slack, and email making it difficult to write the final paper. Use TeamSync to organize the links to make writing your paper easier.

TeamSync Bookmark Integrations

Want to integrate with TeamSync Bookmarks? Contact us at

Slack to TeamSync | TeamSync to Slack

Works with v1.226 and up TeamSync Bookmarks login email must equal Slack email login

TeamSync Bookmarks enables users to send bookmarks from Slack to their TeamSync Groups and be notified when group members save bookmarks in Teamsync Groups.
Add to Slack

Add bookmarks from Slack via /teamsync

Slack is great for instant communication, but sometimes important links and references get lost. Instantly save bookmarks to your TeamSync Group by typing

/teamsync [Link URL] [bookmark title]

Notify your Slack channel when new bookmarks are added

Make sure that your team knows when new bookmarks are added. Our Slack app pushes new bookmarks to your team whenever they are added to your TeamSync Group. Manage your TeamSync-Slack options here

TeamSync Bookmarks Group Pricing

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  • 4 Members per TeamSync group
  • Realtime Bookmark sharing
  • Bookmark notifications and add log
  • Group-level permission management
  • Slack Integration
  • E-mail Support
  • Free forever
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Paid Groups

$8 per month

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  • 20 members per TeamSync group * * For each additional 20 members, it would be $24/yr or $3/mo. i.e. a group of 50 it would be $108/yr or $14/mo, and for 100 it would be $156/yr or $20/mo.
  • Realtime Bookmark sharing
  • Bookmark notifications and add log
  • Member-level permission management
  • Daily and manual cloud backups
  • Slack Integration
  • E-mail Support
  • 7-day free trial
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