Simplifying collaboration and knowledge management

TeamSync Bookmarks makes sharing bookmarks, online resources, and other tools easy by syncing bookmarks across computers in real-time. We use secure, cloud-based technology to ensure that your team members have access to all bookmarks anytime and anywhere.


Add teammates, followers, and friends to your TeamSync Bookmarks folder in one click and send a pre-filled e-mail so they can easily join your folder



Create and manage multiple shared folders inside our extension so that the right content is shared with the right people



Secure your TeamSync Bookmarks folders with an optional password and decide to disable editing for members or allow everyone to add and delete bookmarks

Who's Using TeamSync Bookmarks

IT Operations and Support

Consolidate access to cloud resources, online portals, and support tickets in one application

Your teams deal with 10s or 100s of URLs. TeamSync Bookmarks can put all of those URLs in one place and share them between the team. Use TeamSync to make your life easier

Sales and Marketing

Ensure that your sales teams have up-to-date content, hot leads, and training materials

TeamSync helps manage the high turnover in sales and the different versions of marketing material available, by aggregating and standardizing documents and tools

Hiring Managers and HR

Provide new employees with all the resources they need for their first day at work

Our company was started to make the onboarding process easier and help enable new employees to be productive on their first day at work. Give your people the tools for success


Develop more efficiently by ensuring that teams have the right resources, stories, and repositories

Slack and other tools are great for instant communication, but many URLs get lost or forgotten in the messaging. Use TeamSync Bookmarks as your consistent knowledge location

Students and Teachers

Distribute class files, syllabi, and projects to students. Collaborate on class projects

Ensure that students can easily access your articles, videos, syllabi, and online documents by putting them in their broswer! Cut-down on e-mail by using TeamSync Bookmarks

Friends and Family

Plan trips, events, and other information with spouses, families, friends, and followers

Our members use our app to plan trips, prepare for new family members, or simply sync bookmarks between multiple Google accounts. Use TeamSync Bookmarks for anything

TeamSync Bookmark Integrations

Want to integrate with TeamSync Bookmarks? Contact us at

Slack to TeamSync | TeamSync to Slack

Works with v1.226 and up TeamSync Bookmarks login email must equal Slack email login

TeamSync Bookmarks enables users to send bookmarks from Slack to their TeamSync Groups and be notified when group members save bookmarks in Teamsync Groups.
Add to Slack

Add bookmarks from Slack via /teamsync

Slack is great for instant communication, but sometimes important links and references get lost. Instantly save bookmarks to your TeamSync Group by typing

/teamsync [Link URL] [bookmark title]

Notify your Slack channel when new bookmarks are added

Make sure that your team knows when new bookmarks are added. Our Slack app pushes new bookmarks to your team whenever they are added to your TeamSync Group. Manage your TeamSync-Slack options here

TeamSync Bookmarks Group Pricing

Need more than 20 users or have multiple groups? Email us here for enterprise plans
Free Groups


  • 4 Members per TeamSync group
  • Realtime Bookmark sharing
  • Bookmark notifications and add log
  • Group-level permission management
  • Slack Integration
  • E-mail Support
  • Free forever
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Paid Groups

$8 per month

or $60 per year
  • 20 members per TeamSync group
  • Realtime Bookmark sharing
  • Bookmark notifications and add log
  • Member-level permission management
  • Daily and manual cloud backups
  • Slack Integration
  • E-mail Support
  • 7-day free trial
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