You know the song right?

We’d thought we take a chance at TeamSync to stop and collaborate (or talk about Collaboration)

We like to think of collaboration across three main categories: Project Management, Communication, and Content. We think having a bucket in each of these categories is a great starting point for most teams -- whether it’s your Scrum team working on that next deliverable or your Sales team strategizing on an account plan.

Let’s dig in.

Project Management

So inevitably we have things that need to get done. Typically what happens is we start with the infamous “To Do” list. C’mon we all have them? On our phones or stickies laid across our desk. What happens though is these become serial lists that don’t let us prioritize and we become the hamster on a wheel just trying to get as many tasks done as possible—regardless if they are important. Project management tools let us prioritize work, set a time box around it, and let us share that work across a team. Most importantly, we can easily see if this task important, urgent, or somewhere in between.


Communication is tricky. We all work in dynamic environments that are often have a mix of being global and virtual. This means we have to be flexible in how we connect and find a platform that can hold on internal team knowledge. Any even bigger consideration is how this communication platform ties into our project management and content platforms. Can I reference the document I just created? Or do I have to send it in a separate email? The more our platforms work together, the better and often our communication platform is the one that ties everything together.


Where do I put all those freakin' docs? I mean seriously look at your desktop right now? Can you even see the background!! Haha. There are so many great places to put all that stuff so not only can you access it from just about anywhere, but so can everyone on your team. Consider platforms that let you build the content you need inside the platform! Can you build a doc, a spreadsheet, save photos all from one place? At a bare minimum, your content platform should let you and your team share, edit, and comment on the information. Consider an organization layer on top of your content to easily navigate through it (insert shameless TeamSync plug).

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written by Tyler Penn

I own the TeamSync Bookmarks customer relationship and take a design thinking approach to solving our users' problems.