Chances are, you share bookmarks with a team...

So let's talk Bookmarks!!! How do you use them? Or how can you use them? At TeamSync we’ve seen a view use cases that we’d like to share. Maybe you’re doing the same thing or something similar, but hopefully, these ideas can inspire you to get your Bookmark on!

IT Operations and Support

Anyone who’s been in IT knows that we Bookmark a lot. There’s always that cool resource page or that wiki we need to get to. But the problem is we create our own little bookmark kingdoms when there is so much great content to share. So let’s share those bookmarks already! Do you have a go-to online reference, important wikis, or quick reference material you need to save? Bookmark it and share it with your team. Imagine everyone having a one-stop shop for all the bookmarks that are important to your team!! Oh and we know the IT folks love the cloud, so we’ve got you covered with cloud backups too!


Sales organizations can be extremely dynamic. There’s often new playbooks, presentations, or references that come out every week in a sales organization. Imagine having your team all be on the same page (or webpage in this case)! You can have common presentations saved under on folder, SalesForce reference material under another folder, or your team's revenue reports under another. It’s all about sharing relevant bookmarks and making sure everyone is seeing the same content!


From professors to study groups—everyone can share bookmarks!! Students, do you have a study group with a bunch of online PDFs, shared notebook pages, or Google Drive sheets you need everyone to have access to? If it has a URL let’s organize it into a shared bookmark folder! Manage how the rest of the team contributes by editing everyone’s permissions and you're off to the races!

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written by Tyler Penn

I own the TeamSync Bookmarks customer relationship and take a design thinking approach to solving our users' problems.