Quick guide to TeamSync Bookmarks

  • Group Name is the name of the group that you've created or joined
  • Your role is defined by the group creator
  • Settings icon is where you find all of the different settings for the bookmarks group
  • Invitation icon is where you invite users to the group
  • Your profile is where you can update your password

Logging in your first time

Create a TeamSync Bookmarks account with your Google account or e-mail address. If you were invited to a group, please log-in with the email where you received the invitation. All you have to do is
  • Click on the TeamSync Bookmarks icon
  • Click "Sign-up with Google" or "Sign-up with Email"
  • Start sharing bookmarks!

Joining a shared bookmarks folder

Joining groups is easy!
  • Click on the "Join a Group" button
  • Enter the group name and invite code/password that you received
  • Click "Join"
  • If (editor) shows up next to your name, that means you can add and delete bookmarks from the group
***Note*** You can only join a group if your user account is the same email where the creator sent the invitation

Enabling notifications for your shared group

By enabling notifications, you will receive a broswer notification whenever new bookmarks are added to your shared group. These notifications run every minute, so you don't get too many notifications.
  • Click on the settings icon next to your group
  • Click on "Bookmark settings"
  • Click "Enable notification"

Inviting users to your shared bookmarks group

You can invite users through the app and through email.
  • Click on the "Add user" icon to the left of the "Settings" icon next to the TeamSync Bookmarks group name in the app
  • Add the emails of the users you want to invite into the text box. Place one email per line
  • When you click "Next," users with the emails you provided will be notified with an inviation to your group (Just like the invitation you got for the TEAMSYNC-GETTING-STARTED folder
  • The user will aslo get an email from TeamSync Bookmarks inviting them to your group
  • If a user isn't able to join your group, the likely reason is because they didn't sign up with the email that you invited them with

Creating a shared bookmarks group

Creating groups is easy!
  • Click on the "Create a Group" button
  • Name your group
  • If needed, create a password (this is optional). If you do not give it a password, anyone can join by typing in your group name
  • If the checkbox is marked when you create a group, then you will be the only person who can add or delete bookmarks in your group
  • If the checkbox is not marked when you create a group, then anyone you add can add or delete bookmarks in your group
  • Click "Create"

Saving a bookmark

You add bookmarks to a TeamSync Bookmarks folder just like you would to other bookmark folders. Here is the way many users add bookmarks
  • Click on the Star located in the right side of the URL bar
  • Ensure the "Name" is descriptive enough so that other Group Members know what the bookmark is
  • Check that you're saving the Page to the correct folder

Finding your bookmarks

TeamSync Bookmarks show up in the "Other Bookmarks" folder in your Bookmarks bar. Sometimes, the "Other Bookmarks" folder isn't visible. That's ok! Just follow these steps to enable it
  • Open up your Chrome Settings by clicking the Options Icon (3 vertical dots) in the top right hand corner
  • Navigate to the "Bookmarks" option and then click show "Bookmarks Bar"
  • Once you "Join a Group" or "Create a Group," the Group Folders will be visible in the "Other Bookmarks" folder in the "Bookmarks Bar"